DIY Projects

We only had a few, simple DIY projects.

Bridesmaid Survival Kits

Needed: Clear cellophane bags, several sheets of nice patterned paper, stapler, items for DIY bags, adhesive (I used hermafix, but any glue stick or adhesive roller will work), scissors, vellum, printer, decorative brads (they should match the paper).

Items used in the kit: Deodorant, Tylenol, tissues, tampon, pantyliner, wisp brush, gum, hand sanitizing wipe, brush, hair ties, and hair pins.

Instructions: Coming Soon

Ceremony Arch

Needed: String lights, tissue paper pom-pom, flower garland, plain arch

Wind the lights up the arch and wind the garland around the top of the arch. Tie the tissue paper pom-pom to the top. That is it.